lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Susan Sarandon y Geena Davis 25 años después de rodar Thelma y Louise -

Una película que cambió muchas cosas ¿o no?

Desde luego para sus interpretes  (Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Brad Pitt jovencísimo…) el éxito de la película, dirigida por Ridley Scott y muy polémica en su momento, les hizo muy conocidos para el gran público.

Pero no se han repetido historias como ésta. Susan decía que parecía una película del Oeste con dos chicas como protagonistas. Y por supuesto, el Thunderbird sigue allí, estrellado en el fondo de un cañón.

When asked in an interview why her heroines commit suicide at the film's end, Callie Khouri famously responded: "To me, the ending was symbolic, not literal ... We did everything possible to make sure you didn't see a literal death. That you didn't see the car land, you didn't see a big puff of smoke come up out of the canyon. You were left with the image of them flying. They flew away, out of this world and into the mass unconscious.

 Women who are completely free from all the shackles that restrain them have no place in this world. The world is not big enough to support them ... I loved that ending and I loved the imagery.

 After all they went through, I didn't want anybody to be able to touch them." I share Khouri's sentiments about the ending, which I have always loved. To me, it represented not death or punishment but hope, and even a kind of radical, ultimate fulfillment. Today, movies about women end with a wedding. Even its proponents can hardly argue that the aim of marriage is to set women free.


Y aquí , para los curiosos,  un final alternativo con música de BB King...

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