sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Parenting as a demanding job - Virginia Satir El trabajo de ser padres

  • “Negotiating the adolescent stage is neither quick nor easy. . . . I have often said to parents, “If it isn’t illegal, immoral, or fattening, give it your blessing.” We do much better . . . if we find and support all the places we can appropriately say yes, and say only the no’s that really matter.”

  • “I regard (parenting) as the hardest, most complicated, anxiety-ridden, sweat-and-blood producing job in the world. Succeeding requires the ultimate in patience, common sense, commitment, humor, tact, love, wisdom, awareness, and knowledge. At the same time, it holds the possibility for the most rewarding, joyous experience of a lifetime, namely, that of being successful guides to a new and unique human being.”

  • “I feel that adolescence has served its purpose when a person arrives at adulthood with a strong sense of self-esteem, the ability to relate intimately, to communicate congruently, to take responsibility, and to take risks. The end of adolescence is the beginning of adulthood. What hasn’t been finished then will have to be finished later.”

He descubierto Peoplemaking, uno de los libros que pueden encontrarse en castellano y su visión de la vida familiar y de las relaciones personales me ha parecido muy sugerente y práctica. Nadie nos enseña a ser padres ni a ser hijos...

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