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La canción de Ch´an Tao Chia

Daoist Precepts

The Song of Ch'an Tao Chia
The Twenty Seven Precepts of Taoism

Stan Rosenthal (Shi-tien Roshi) of the British School of Zen Taoism
"Have compassion for all sentient beings causing them no unnecessary hurt nor needless harm.
Refrain from needless competitiveness, from contriving for self-advantage and from subjugating others.
When accepting authority over others know also that you accept responsibility for their wellbeing.
Value true friendship and fulfill your obligations rather than striving with egotistical motive.
Seek liberation from the negative passions of hatred, envy, greed and rage, and especially from delusion, deceit and sensory desire.
Learn to let go of that which cannot be owned or which is destroyed by grasping.
Seek the courage to be; defend yourself and your convictions.
Accept transience, the inevitable and the irrevocable.
Know that change exists in everything.
Negate the barriers to your awakening. Discover the positive in the negative and seek a meaningful purpose in what you do.
Be just and honorable. Take pride in what you do rather than being proud of what you have accomplished.
Having humility and respect, give thanks to those from whom you learn or who have otherwise helped you.
Act in harmony with your fellow beings, with nature and with inanimate objects.
Know that a thing or an action which may seem of little value to oneself may be a priceless treasure to another.
Help those who are suffering or disadvantaged and as you yourself become awakened help those who seek to make real their own potential.
Know that there is no shame in questioning.
Be diligent in your practice and on hearing the music of the absolute do not be so foolish as to try to sing its song.
Remember to renew the source in order to retain good health.
Seek neither brilliance nor the void; just think deeply and work hard.
When still, be as the mountain. When in movement be as the dragon riding the wind. Be aware at all times like the tiger, which only seems to sleep and at all times let the mind be like running water.
When you are required to act remember that right motive is essential to right action, just as right thought is essential to right words.
Beware of creating burdens for yourself or others to carry.
Act with necessary distinction being both creative and receptive and transcending subject/object dichotomy.
Know that you are not the center of the universe but learn to put the universe at your center by accepting the instant of your being.
Seek security within yourself rather than in others.
Know that even great worldly wealth and the accumulation of material things are of little worth compared with the priceless treasures: love, peace and the freedom to grow.
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El tamaño de los sueños - The size of your dreams - Rêves suffissamment grands

La parole à grandir du jour
« Il faut avoir des rêves suffisamment grands pour ne pas les perdre de vue pendant qu'on les poursuit. »
Es necesario tener unos sueños lo bastante grandes para que no los perdamos de vista mientras los perseguimos.


lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Up in the air

El tema no es fácil pero da gusto verla, que no es poco. Volveré a verla en DVD, pronto.

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Fiesta de la primavera

Ayer los chinos celebraban el principio del año nuevo lunar, el año del Tigre. Como decía Mo en su blog, en este día hay que divertirse, no discutir ni criticar a nadie. Y hacer regalos: naranjas, sobres rojos con monedas a los niños...

Bach to Africa

Lambarena es un homenaje a un médico alemán, Albert Scwhetzer (al que se le concedió el premio Nobel de la Paz) que vivió y trabajó muchos años en Gabón y tuvo problemas con el gobierno francés por su defensa de los africanos. Su amor por Bach y por Africa hizo surgir entre los 42 grupos etnicos del Gabón esta fusión de música tradicional y música de Bach. Lambarena es el nombre de la leprosería en la que este hombre trabajó gran parte de su vida y donde quiso ser enterrado.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Pigeon impossible

El responsable del invento se llama Lucas Martell. He visto otro podcast donde cuenta como se le ocurrió la idea y como fue cambiandola a través de muchos guiones sucesivos. Al final era completamente diferente del planteamiento inicial y por eso dice "writing is rewriting".

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

El presente

Now is a gift; that´s why it´s called the present.