martes, 21 de julio de 2015

Master the Basics Before Going Deep - Primero, lo primero

Practice Simplicity

Try grasping a simple concept for one day. For example, eat all of your meals without distraction and in silence. Have your eating be a sensual experience. Taste, smell, touch, and feel your food. Make each meal a mini-meditation. You may find that this concept—as simple as it is—difficult for you.
Or how about mastering the concept of non-judgment? Spend one day judging nothing or no one, including yourself. Try to stay neutral and rooted in the present moment. Drawing inferences for the future is still judging. Making assumptions is judging. It’s a simple concept, yet difficult to apply, even for a day.
You can do this with anything and start today. Pick one simple concept and apply it for a day. Then tomorrow, choose something else.  Pretty soon you’ll realize that the road to mastery is not far away.
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Master the Basics Before Going Deep

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