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Sólo 12 cosas - Just 12 thing by Rick Hanson


This week I'd like to offer Just Twelve Things to you rather than one. These are my favorite JOTs linked to twelve essential strengths. If you wanted to take twelve days or twelve months to explore these practices, I think you'll find them very rewarding. I sure have.

As we give and receive at this time of year, it's touching that most giving is intangible and comes without a dollar sign, such as the gifts of attention, warmth, understanding, restraint, service, encouragement, ideas, compassion, love, and joy. I feel deeply grateful for the generosity of so many people.

Much gratitude,

And twelve times warm wishes for you and our precious world,


P.S. States of Grace is a feature-length documentary film about Dr. Grace Dammann, who miraculously survived a head-on crash in 2008. Grace credits her Buddhist practice with giving her the tools to get through the years of painful recovery and the chronic pain she still lives with. The film follows her struggle to reinvent herself and find meaning in her radically-altered life, while also documenting the unexpected journey of a family in the wake of a devastating crisis.

Just Twelve Things

1: Learning - Grow Inner Strengths

2: Mindfulness - Meditate

3: Love - Feed the Wolf of Love 

4: Resilience - Let Things Change

5: Contentment - Feel Already Full

6: Integrity - Be Benevolent

7: Self-Worth - Know You're A Good Person

8: Courage - Accept Difficulty

9: Social Intelligence - Receive Faces

10: Motivation - Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

11: Wisdom - Be Home

Sólo 12 cosas

1. Aprender: cultivar los puntos fuertes internos
2. Mindfulness: meditar
3. Amar: alimentar al lobo del amor
4. Resiliencia: aceptar que las cosas cambian
5. Satisfacción: sentirse completo ya
6. Integridad: ser benevolente
7. Autoconcepto: saber que eres una buena persona
8. Valor: aceptar las dificultades
9. Inteligencia social: recibir las caras
10. Motivación: mantener los ojos en el trofeo
11. Sabiduría: estar en el hogar
12. Paz: disfrutar de cuatro clases de paz

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