domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Concierto en Londres con una orquesta de músicos extranjeros que tocan en el metro londinense

London Underground strangers orchestra concert takes place

People queuing to go into the Underground orchestra concert 
A concert performed by an orchestra made up entirely of strangers recruited on the London Underground has taken place.
Shaun Buswell, 36, from Swindon, recruited the musicians for the gig to raise money for charity.
Up to 70 people played at the Shepherd's Bush Empire after he set himself the challenge of putting the orchestra together by 12 December 2012.
The money will go to the Daytrippers charity which works with ill children.
Mr Buswell said he approached more than 300 people on the Tube.
'Humbling experience' He said: "Amazingly I found everyone I wanted apart from someone who played the English horn.
"And the last musician I found, who plays the euphonium, works Transport for London.
"It's been an incredibly humbling experience."
Shaun Buswell Shaun Buswell said he could not find an English horn player
The project is called the 12.12.12 Underground Orchestra Challenge.
Shaun imposed a number of rules when recruiting the musicians, including not knowing them personally.
They also had to be carrying their instrument when he met them and the initial meeting must have taken place inside the Tube network.
Some of the musicians are well established, with one trumpet player having recorded with Ray Charles. Others have recorded with bands and the orchestra includes students from the Royal Academy of Music
He also recruited twins who he approached independently, two months apart in the same location, Tower Hill Tube station. One plays the violin, the other the viola.

Shaun Buswell  ha conseguido reunir una orquesta formada por  70 músicos extranjeros que tocan en los pasillos del metro de Londres. Para ello tuvo que hablar con más de 300 músicos a los que propuso una actuación con fines benéficos.

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